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Warmly congratulate tianfengzetian on two international advanced scientific and technological achievements

On October 23, 2019, Tianjin Science and technology evaluation center will organize an expert appraisal meeting to appraise the two scientific and technological achievements of Tianfeng Zetian. Members of the appraisal committee include: Sun Deling, chairman of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Wang Zhengxiang, Professor of Tianjin University of science and technology; Qiao Jiayun, researcher of Tianjin Normal University; Hua Zetian, researcher of national Japonica Rice Engineering Technology Research Center; Yang Jinghui, Professor of Tianjin Agricultural University; Wang Xianghe, professor of Tianjin Institute of industrial microbiology Co., Ltd Yan Renyi, researcher of Tianjin Yibei Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd., has 7 professors. According to the appraisal committee, the achievements of "research and application of earthworm extract soil conditioner with obvious chemical fertilizer reduction" and "research and application of earthworm extract organic fertilizer with resistance to soil borne diseases" have reached the international advanced level.

Earthworm extract extracted by independent R & D technology is applied to soil conditioner and organic fertilizer in tianfengzetian, which can repair and improve soil and reduce the input of fertilizer and pesticide. It adheres to the concept of science and technology to help agriculture and create green agriculture, and has been fully affirmed and highly appraised by the experts and leaders at the meeting, which lays a good foundation for further expanding the product series. It enriches the diversity of transformation methods of scientific and technological achievements of our company, and provides effective verification data for the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements in various awards declared by our company. Its economic and social benefits are remarkable, and have a broad market prospect.