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Mission of the company——
Family and harmonious Entrepreneurship
Through our efforts, we will take seed industry as the core to create a future of green agriculture in China, develop hybrid rice, and benefit the people of the world.
Serving social development enterprises and improving employees' return to shareholders
Business philosophy——
Leading technology, excellent quality and excellent personality
Return to society, care for human beings, benefit the world
Quality policy——
Technology leading, one step, high quality, first class service, superior
Environmental policy——
Eliminate pollution and pursue green and good treatment for the sustainable development of environment
Development goals——
To build a world-class multinational seed enterprise and agricultural product processing aircraft carrier
Talent concept——
We should strive to attract talents, explore excellence, cultivate excellent moral character, and co-exist and honor human enterprises.
Our view of employment:
Have virtue and talent, use it with emphasis; Have virtue or not, cultivate and use.
The use of talents is limited; No virtue, no talent, no need.
Our values——
Thank you for excellence
Our pursuit——
Scientific research - without restriction of common sense, the challenge is unknown, and the original innovation can be integrated.
Work - be passionate, enterprising, take the initiative and fulfill your responsibilities, trust in communication team cooperation.
Life - optimistic, honest and sunny, caring for the harmonious and healthy of relatives.
Company vision——
Taking the integration of cultivation and propagation of field crop seeds and vegetable seeds as the core, we will drive related businesses such as fertilizer, rice industry, biological feed, and intensive and deep processing of agricultural products, absorb excellent enterprises, gather excellent talents, enhance core competitiveness and strive to become a first-class agricultural high-tech enterprise in China.