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The dealer training exchange meeting of Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was successfully held.

November 7-8, 2017 Bao Wanjun, Chairman of Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman Guo Changchang, General Manager Zhang Jian and representatives of dealers from Jilin, Dalian, Henan and Hainan held a training and exchange meeting on fertilizer basic knowledge and sales in the conference room on the fourth floor of Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. The contents of the exchange mainly include: plant nutrition, basic knowledge of inorganic and organic fertilizers, basic knowledge and application status of water-soluble fertilizers.

At the meeting, through the explanation of the basic knowledge of fertilizer, all participants had an in-depth understanding of fertilizer and the company's core product, Jinnar compound enzyme. At the same time, local dealers fully affirmed the early Jinnar compound enzyme test, unanimously optimistic about the prospect of the company's products, and determined the later sales planning and sales pricing, which laid a solid foundation for follow-up sales.

Author: Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.