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Professor Sun Deling and researcher Shan Xiaozheng come to Tianlong for conducting a training

        On September 18, 2021, Tianjin Tianlong Zaitian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. organize a "training of cauliflower cultivation knowledge" which invited technical experts, Professor Sun Deling and researcher Shan Xiaozheng as the tutor. Marketing department and technical department of Tianlong have participated in this training.

Researcher Shan Xiaozheng gave a comprehensive explanation from the aspects of cauliflower growth habit, sowing and raising seedlings, planting field preparation, seedling planting, field management, prevention of diseases and insect pests, causes and prevention of abnormal flower bulbs.

Based on his many years of broccoli breeding and cultivation experience, Professor Sun Deling vividly explained and analyzed the key points of broccoli seedling cultivation and management for Tianlong researchers. He proposed that we need to lay a solid foundation and rationally use resources to provide the best growing environment for crops.

In the interactive session, Sun, Shan and Marketing Department and the R&D Department discussed the problems encountered in the promotion and scientific research of cauliflower seeds. Through the professional training and problem analysis of the two experts, the trainees have gianed lots of knowledge.