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The Foreign Economic Office of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited Tianlong Company for investigation and service

On August 13, 2021, the staff of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce Foreign economy section went to Tianlong Company to report on investigation and service activities, focusing on understanding the development and operation of the company's overseas joint companies and international cooperation, and effective guidance of relative policies. Ms Ellen, executive deputy general manager of Tianjin Tianlongzaitian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., and international business department staff attend the meeting.

At the meeting, Ms Ellen introduced a detailed understanding of Tianlong's overseas joint ventures and cooperation and setting up own brand, and such performance of international business won high praise from Foreign economy section. Meanwhile, encouraged that Tianlong will continue to strengthen its confidence in development, actively respond the exporting trade policy, develop national own brands, and develop strategies to create new success in the field of foreign trade.


The Commerce Foreign economy section staff expressed that they will further improve on service, vigorously support the development of seeds product and the construction of foreign markets, and actively coordinate and solve related difficulties and problems in order to promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.


Ms Ellen expressed that she is very grateful to the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce for supporting the company's development over the years. Tianlong will closely follow the economic situation and "One Belt One Road" development initiative, seize opportunities for agricluture development.