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Tianlong company leads China's modern agricultural machinery into the EU

Since the fall of 2013, President Xi has proposed the initiative "One Belt and One Road", which devote on peacefully development, actively develops economic partnerships with countries along the route, and makes the vision of benefiting the people of all countries a reality.

Tianlong Company actively responded to the "One Belt and One Road" initiative and established a joint venture company- TARASCON TIANLONG EUROPE in France, and appointed Mr. Zehai Hua (the third one from the left in the picture below), the agricultural technician, as the director of rice technology. Researching the investigation of French rice cultivation technology, Director Hua found that all rice production in France uses large-scale direct seeding. After the rice seeds germinate, the weeds in the soil begin to grow at the same time. The phenomenon of "straw symbiosis" appears in the rice fields. A large amount of herbicides must be used to control the weeds which seriously affects the quality of rice. Therefore, Director Hua suggested: change the current European field direct broadcast mode, promote seedling tray raising and mechanical planting, which can effectively control weed growth through rotary tillage and harrowing before planting, reduce pesticide use and residues, and improve rice quality. This proposal has been unanimously approved by professionals in the French rice industry.

On April 20, 2021, the "first rice transplanter made in China", carries more than 200 European farmers hopes, was delivered to France from "Tianjin, China" by Tianlong Company around.

After the rice transplanter arrived in France, Jerome Grangier, the director of the EU Rice Association, former deputy mayor of agriculture in Tarascon, and agricultural expert, was interested in it. He drove it by himself and gave a high level of evaluation of it.

Marzel, Director of the French Rice Center and President of the EU Rice Association (blue T-shirt in the middle of the picture below)

Chinese Agricultural Machinery's field planting display at the French Rice Center attracted a large crowd of onlookers. Marzel said that China's rice transplanters are very good, and he hopes to import more Chinese rice transplanters to change the rice cultivation model in France and throughout Europe.

The rice transplanter field planting demonstration work in France has been a complete success. At the same time, we have also received invitations from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other European Union countries to demonstrate the rice transplanter, and we are currently arranging the exhibition itinerary .