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Return home to start a business "rice" to defeat sentient beings

In 2013, after graduating from university, Cai Xue went to Shanghai to work for a foreign trade company. Every day, when I go back to bed from work to cook, the food is full of flavor. Colleagues and neighbors often come to "grab meals" and snap up Shulan rice online one after another. "at that time, I thought that I would go back to my hometown to develop Shulan rice, so that people all over the country could eat organic rice that was healthy, nutritious and at ease in our hometown." Cai Xue recalled that she used to say.

In 2015, Cai Xue resolutely gave up her high-paying position in Shanghai for more than a year, started from scratch and returned to her hometown. With the help of her father, she set up and served as director of the Nongfeng Rice Professional Cooperative in Shulan City. From house-to-house visits and door-to-door persuasion to villagers actively joining the community. Cai Xue really scratched her mouth, took great pains, and leaked the soles of her shoes.

With the product, how to open the market? Cai Xue began to try to participate in exhibitions across the country and set up online stores. In order to further expand the market and broaden her horizons, in 2016, Cai Xue participated in a training course for young farmers in Jilin Province, a new professional farmer training project, and successively went to Japan, South Korea, Europe, and other places to inspect and study, and applied the most advanced ideas, science and technology, operation mechanism, and sales methods to the development of cooperatives. At present, through online expansion of dealers and offline sales, "Sanlian" rice is exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guizhou, Hong Kong and Macao and other places.

"growing rice is by no means repeating the traditional cultivation, processing and marketing of the past. I want to upgrade the traditional rice production to a modern agricultural industry while making money for myself. At the same time, it drives the elders in their hometown to become rich. " Speaking of her feelings after returning from training abroad, Cai Xue firmly told reporters. In early 2018, Cai Xue began to build Jimmy Daoxiang Modern Organic Farm and develop sightseeing agriculture.

With the continuous expansion of the area of rice and the resounding brand, Cai Xue specially took out more than 900 mu of rice fields to carry out experiments on the selection of 193 varieties of rice; in the field management of rice during the growing period, artificial weeding, application of organic fertilizer, biological control of diseases and insect pests and other methods were adopted to improve production techniques and ensure the quality of rice.

Yi Jianguang, a farmer who inspects the equipment in a modern organic farm, talked about the changes after joining the Nongfeng rice professional cooperative and said, "if we grow our own land, the annual income will be about 6000 yuan. Now, after joining the cooperative, the annual income is the land rental fee plus the year-end dividend plus my salary for base management, which adds up to about 70,000 yuan. In the past, this income was really unthinkable in the countryside."

Today, the cooperative produces more than 1 million kilograms of rice a year, with 51 members and 150 radiation members, covering 2 townships and 4 villages. the rice income of each member has increased by more than 5000 yuan on average, and the wage income of the villagers has reached more than 800,000 yuan, leading to employment of 146. among them, 17 poor families have been successfully lifted out of poverty.

Reporter's notes:

Drive to Jimi Daoxiang Modern Organic Farm in Shulan Xihe Town, just when the "2019 Shulan Rice transplanting Festival" is held here. On more than 180 hectares of flat land, unmanned mechanized rice transplanting shows, duck singing and crab swimming in rice fields, citizens and students experience transplanting work, many tourists stop to take photos next to the scarecrow with Shennong as the image, a lively scene.

In the future, under the leadership of Cai Xue, a new professional farmer, Nongfeng rice professional cooperative will also expand its members, increase the area of transferred land, expand tourism projects, build a gourmet street, and create a modern agricultural tourism complex, so that tourists can enjoy the one-stop service of eating, living and playing while learning and watching rice planting.