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The return visit to Dalian has come to a successful conclusion.

On March 3, 2018, Bao Wanjun, chairman of Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Guo Changchang, vice chairman of Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Jian, general manager of Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., visited Jinnar compound enzyme demonstration households in Dalian and participated in the promotion and exchange meeting of Jinnar compound enzyme products in Ruixin Agricultural material Center. Jinnar series of fertilizers have been highly recognized by growers and have brought considerable economic benefits on cherries and strawberries.

Driven by Master Yin Xingrong in Taixi Village, Shuangdao Town, Lushun, local farmers have a more intuitive understanding of Jinnar complex enzyme, which is deeply affirmed by local farmers.  

The site of the promotion meeting of Jinnar compound enzyme.

Farmers at the promotion meeting won Jinnar.

Boss Wang, a cherry grower in Dalian, used the company's Jinnar series of water-soluble fertilizer, and the cherry grew much higher than the same combination of products. The growers were very satisfied and expressed their heartfelt thanks.

Red cherries covered with branches


Wang Huawang, the eldest sister of Shuishiying Town, is a very knowledgeable farmer who grows a lot of tropical fruit. Through the use of Jinnar compound enzyme series base fertilizer, this fruit has obvious advantages.

Communicate with Sister Wang  

Brother Han from Huoshiling uses strawberries grown with Jinnar compound enzyme products (organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, soil conditioning agent, water-soluble fertilizer), which have significantly improved the taste and sweetness, and many people have come from other places to become the most popular strawberries in the region.

Strawberry planting greenhouse site

Through the return visit to customers and on-site communication, it shows the remarkable competitiveness of the company's products and achieves a bumper harvest of both economic benefits and quality. We will use science and technology to create miracles.  

Author: Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.