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President of PERFORMANCE PLANTS Company of Canada visits Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

On April 11, 2018, Dr. Huang Yafan, President and Chief Scientist of PERFORMANCE PLANTS, Canada, and Dr. Wan Jiangxin, Director of Research and Development, visited Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Bao Wanjun, Chairman of Tianlong Company, Ms. Li Liying, General Manager of International Business Department, Dr. Huang and Dr. Wan visited Tianlong Exhibition Hall and Tianjin Experimental Base together.

Performance Plants of Canada is one of the world's leading agricultural biotechnology development companies, committed to improving the yield and quality of crops under adversity and solving the world food and energy crisis.

After careful consultation between the two sides, with Tianlong's world-leading advantage in crop research and development, and PERFORMANCE's senior scientific research experience in plant molecular breeding, the two sides found common ground, and the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention, determined the development goal and stage of cooperation, and made joint efforts to contribute to the improvement of world food security, yield and quality.

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