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Senior scientists of the National Rice Institute of Iran were invited to visit Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

On September 12, 2018, Dr. Majid Sattari, a senior scientist of the Iranian National Rice Institute, was invited to visit Tianlong Company. Bao Wanjun, Chairman of Tianlong Company, Chenguang, Executive Deputy General Manager, Zhang Jian, General Manager of Tianfeng Sawada, Li Liying, General Manager of International Business Department, and others met with Dr. Majid. In the morning, I accompanied Dr. Majid to visit the exhibition hall of Tianlong Company and introduced to Dr. Majid the development process, current achievements and future development plans of the company in detail. Subsequently, Dr. Majid, accompanied by technicians, visited the breeding base of our company.


In the afternoon, we held cordial talks with Dr. Majid. The two sides discussed in depth the cooperation model and development potential of vegetable seeds and fertilizers, and the two sides agreed on the direction of cooperation in the future.

On the morning of September 13th, Dr. Majid visited Wuqing Innovation Base of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, accompanied by members of the International Business Department, and was cordially received by Sun Deling, vice president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Director Jiao of the International Cooperation Department of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


Dr. Majid expressed great appreciation for the scientific research strength of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, especially the achievements in cauliflower breeding, he said that our high-quality vegetable germplasm resources are promising in the Iranian market, and look forward to docking with the Iranian market through Tianlong Company and Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences to promote the improvement of Iranian germplasm resources and the development of agriculture.