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Jinnar complex enzyme-mango feedback

The "Jinnar compound enzyme" fruit and vegetable fertilizer was used in November 2017, and the effect of complete application three times a year:

1. The leaves are waxy, thick and shiny, and are healthy and green.

two。. The whole tree has no dry leaves, and the new branches are well-proportioned, thriving but not thriving.

There are fewer diseases and insect pests, and the difficulty and cost of management are reduced obviously.

The color of soil epidermis is natural, the activity of earthworms is obvious, and there are many soil aggregates.

Specially add 20% Jinnar complex enzyme (biological enzyme + alkaloid + acetylcholinase, etc.) to replace useless fillers and active ingredients≥60%;

Through the remediation and activation of soil beneficial microorganisms, the absorption and utilization of nutrients by plants reached more than 60%.

The crop has developed root system, thick leaves, strong photosynthetic ability, increased branches in the same year, high fruit setting rate, positive fruit type and good quality.