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Agricultural cooperation benefits the one belt, one road and the same epidemic.

——Record of Tianlong agricultural anti epidemic at home and abroad 

"The coronavirus is rampant in Europe, and France is not immune. Now 500 people die every day. Due to the lack of masks, when we leave home to buy food or go to the pharmacy, it will put us in danger... Thank you for the masks you sent, we can go to the supermarket more safely. I gave some masks to my friends and neighbors, and they were very grateful. And ask me to convey their thanks. Like me, you are deeply moved by your kindness, selflessness and care. Thank the people and government of Tianjin. Long live the friendship between China and France In a letter of thanks, Jean Yifu Martin, a French partner of Tianlong Zaitian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianlong agriculture"), wrote.
                Above: Thank you letter from Jean Yves, a French partner 

Tianlong agriculture is one belt, one road of Tianjin's Binhai New Area, which is responsible for the promotion of Tianjin's high-quality rice and its promotion in the "one belt and one road" area. Currently, there are three overseas joint ventures in Indonesia, Vietnam and France, among which: Tianlong Vietnam cooperative demonstration farm is one of the first overseas cooperation demonstration farms recognized by Tianjin Agricultural and Rural Commission in 2019. In 2019, we will promote 510000 Mu hybrid rice and 180000 Mu vegetables abroad. After the outbreak, Tianlong company actively cooperated with joint venture companies and partners to fight the epidemic, and organized agricultural production in an area to minimize the adverse effects of the epidemic. 

To share anti epidemic experience, support anti epidemic materials, and help build a community of human health. Tianlong agriculture always one day cares about one belt, one road and another. China's "novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment plan", "home separation necessary manual" and "home prevention and control guide" were compiled and sent to overseas staff and partners to share with China's experience in anti epidemic. At the same time, many parties contacted the epidemic prevention material procurement channels, purchased a batch of disinfection water, disinfection equipment and nearly 10000 masks, and sent them by air express to the employees and partners of joint venture companies such as France, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. After receiving the badly needed masks, some of them are used by themselves, and the rest are distributed to neighbors, local medical institutions and the government. The Italian partner Massimo also donated the masks to the hospital of Novara on our behalf. They have sent thank-you letters to Tianlong agriculture, praising the company's good deeds, thanking the people of Tianjin and the Chinese people for their help, and praising the friendship between China and their country.

       Above: Thank you letter from Italy's partner Massimo

Wanli network connection, remote guidance of production, to ensure that the epidemic does not delay agricultural hours. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Tianlong agriculture overcame the impact on its work due to the inability of scientific researchers to dispatch, and carried out remote agricultural technical guidance by using modern management means. The company has held video teleconferences for many times, established a regular communication mechanism, paid attention to the changes of the epidemic situation in time, and guided local employees to organize agricultural production on the basis of doing a good job in epidemic prevention. Innovative management, the establishment of online work approval process, improve the efficiency of approval. A number of work groups related to production technology have been established to carry out remote technical guidance for key production nodes, so as to ensure the safe and smooth development of rice production and ensure that the food supply of the country and region will not be affected due to the delay of agricultural time due to the epidemic.