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It's a pleasure to have friends coming from afar!

Tianfeng Sawada pay attention to soil restoration and health, pay attention to the improvement of plant taste, serve farmers, for farmers, rich farmers as their own responsibility, with agriculture all over the world, return to green waters and green mountains, and jointly build a green ecological agriculture system! 

After more than ten years of scientific research, we will spare no effort, keep our feet on the ground, devote ourselves to soil restoration and improvement, pay attention to the large ecological chain system, constantly research and upgrade Jinnar complex enzyme, invigorate agriculture with science and technology, take the road of sustainable development, and create the world soil health circle together! 

Jinnar complex enzyme-- shining brilliantly. 
In April 2019, Comrade Bao Wanjun, Chairman of Tianjin Tianfeng Zetian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., led a scientific research team to the famous French wine estate-White Horse Chateau, and carried out the experiment of Jinnar compound enzyme on wine grapes, and the effect was good. The grape yield increased, the glucose content increased, and the overall wine flavor was improved. 

Jinnar compound enzyme shines brilliantly in France, and at that time, it got the attention of the local fertilizer plant. 

Chairman Bao Wanjun introduced Jinnar complex at White Horse Winery.

Mr. Bernard and Mr. Eric-- searching for Jinnar complex enzyme

At the beginning of the year, Jinnar complex products showed great splendor in the French vineyard. On September 25th, Tianfeng Sawada welcomed Mr. Bernard and Eric and their team to Tianjin, which started the journey of Jinnar compound enzyme exploration. 
The French novaem delegation first came to Tianjin Municipal Committee of Agriculture to have a business meeting with relevant leaders to understand the future development trend of China's agriculture and the Chinese government's support policy for high-tech biological fertilizer.

Visit Tianfeng Sawada and Tianjin University of Science and Technology Cooperative soil Health and Plant Nutrition Engineering Technology Research Center Laboratory
The French delegation took a group photo with the doctoral Research Institute as a souvenir.

On September 26th, French novaem held cooperation talks with Tianfeng Sawada sales team, and further introduced our development concept of Tianfeng Sawada and the market prospect of Jinnar compound enzyme in the future. the cooperation negotiation came to a successful conclusion. 
This represents the new voyage of Tianfeng Sawada's Jinnar complex enzyme world road!

Our Chinese Dream, jointly build a green organic ecological agriculture system, Zeta new leap, Jinnar compound enzyme, the world reputation! 
Sawada diplomacy-- showing Tianjin's elegant demeanor

Chairman Bao Wanjun visited Jincheng with French partners

Sino-French Cooperation-long live Friendship