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20th Anniversary of the Establishment of Chongqing Hetianlong Company

January 8, 2023- the 20th anniversary of Tianlong Agriculture. Today, under the guidance of Academician Yuan Longping, a handsome young man has established "Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd." in Tianjin. He is the chairman of Tianlong Agriculture - Bao Wanjun.

Over the past twenty years, under the leadership of Chairman Bao Wanjun, Tianlong Agriculture has specialized in agricultural biotechnology and focused on scientific and technological research on agricultural mold formulations, achieving excellent results.

For the past twenty years, Tianlong Agriculture has been committed to the development of hybrid japonica rice, ensuring that the Chinese people's rice bowls are filled with Chinese food and firmly held in their own hands.

Over the past twenty years, Tianlong Agricultural Products has developed and created many brands, including "Tianlong 619" and Jinnar Enzymes, which have spread throughout the country and have gone global.

For the past 20 years, Tianlong Agriculture has adhered to the concept of "being close to family, harmonious and entrepreneurial" and created a team with "excellent individual skills and strong collective strength".

Twenty years of Tianlong, forging the future with one heart. The giant ship Tianlong is riding the wind and waves, setting sail, and advancing bravely to achieve the Tianlong Dream.

On this important day of carrying forward the past and opening up the future, the company held an anniversary celebration event with the theme of "Twenty Years of Tianlong, Forging the Future Together". The celebration was presided over by Yang Chunlian, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Group Company, and leaders of the Group Company and its subsidiaries, as well as all employees in Tianjin, participated in the celebration.

Mr. Bao Wanjun, the chairman, first expressed sincere gratitude and deep blessings to all employees, thanking all employees of the company for their dedication to the development of the company. Chairman Bao reviewed the hardships of entrepreneurship in the past, talked freely about the current great situation and bright future prospects, and wrote a poem on the spot to express the entrepreneurs' great aspirations for perseverance, pursuit of dreams, and success

Tianlong Fu

In an instant of twenty, the sky grows strong and fragrant. Time has passed away quietly, time flows!

The past is like a song, filled with passion and melancholy along the way. Once a young man, stubbornly looking up at the starry sky!

The wind of time, the dreams swaying all the way, the silent window reflecting tears in the silent night!

Suffering from flawless self pity, carrying dreams and running wild, always believing that dreams are in spring! In the distance! On the cloud!

Gathering and parting along the way, brothers and sisters, looking forward to meeting you again when the flowers bloom again!

Our vows of right and wrong are kept between heaven and earth, and I am waiting for you in spring!

The mountains and rivers have changed over time, and the agreement is still in my heart. If you can still casually think of me, please look up at the cloud floating in the sky again, that is the most beautiful meeting we have in this life!

The wind of time carves our dreams with a cold wind, quietly turning around and shedding tears, we embrace the flow of time together!

Thank you for holding hands in spring, years like rain, flowers blooming and falling, and still being together!

I am willing to stick to the true and false vows of youth together with time. As we age, we can still look up at the clouds floating in the sky together, still believing that everything life has given us is the most beautiful encounter of our lives!

Finally, the company commended the annual advanced collectives, exemplary individual and individuals with outstanding contributions in 2022 and took a group photo.

Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd
January 8, 2023