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Warmly welcome the delegation led by the Science and Technology Bureau of Ninghe District to Tianlong for investigation

Warmly welcome the delegation led by Ninghe District Science and Technology Bureau
Visiting Tianlong Company for Research and Inspection

On June 27, 2022, Ren Shaohui, Director of Ninghe District Science and Technology Bureau, Han Xiaofeng, General Manager of Zhongtai (Tianjin) Environmental technology Co., Ltd., Jia Liming, General Manager of Tianjin Jia Liming Earthworm Breeding Co., Ltd., Liu Lianguo, General Manager of Tianjin Baili Seedling Breeding Co., Ltd., and An Zhenbei, General Manager of Tianjin Zeyu Agricultural Products Planting Co., Ltd., led a delegation to visit Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianlong Company") for investigation.

The visiting party visited the Biohealth Industry Engineering Technology Center and Laboratory of Tianlong Company. During the visit, Qu Lijun, Executive Deputy Director, gave a detailed report on the development process, corporate culture, industrial system, industrial layout, product application, and other aspects of Tianlong Company, which was highly praised by the visiting party.

Through research and investigation, Ren Ju and his team saw the important advantages played by Tianlong Company in the field. In the future, Tianlong Company will continue to deepen its linkage with the new district government and agricultural enterprises to strengthen the promotion of agricultural research achievements, implement the development concept of Bincheng agriculture, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.

Tianlong, a subsidiary of Tianlong Company, is involved in the implementation and transformation of agricultural technology achievements in fields such as vegetable seeds, feed and feed additives, fertilizers and soil amendments, agricultural enzyme preparations, etc. Its main businesses include Tianlong in Tian, Nar Biotech, Tianfeng Zetian, and Tianlong Jiangda. This not only helps to strengthen the core of the seed industry, but also accelerates the development of fields such as soil improvement, carbon reduction and environmental protection, and healthy breeding, which is of great significance for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. Tianlong Company will take "Ecological Agriculture, Healthy China" as its vision, adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "Innovation leads the new future of the biological industry, and artisans serve the Chinese Dream with exquisite craftsmanship". It will focus on leveraging the radiation driving effect of key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, helping more farmers increase income and become rich, helping rural revitalization and upgrading, and continuously contributing to social civilization progress.