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Remembering the First Anniversary of Yuan Lao's Death

I had a dream,
I dreamed that my rice was taller than sorghum,
Spikes are longer than brooms.
When the sun shines,
My colleagues and I are sitting under that rice ear to cool off

 At 13:07 on May 22, 2021, Yuan Longping, the father of Hybrid rice, winner of the "Republic Medal", academician of the CAE Member, and director of the National Hybrid rice Engineering Technology Research Center, died in Changsha, Hunan at the age of 91.

In a twinkling of an eye, Academician Yuan Longping has left us for one year. In the final moments of his life, Yuan Lao was still striving for his dream. Now, his "dream of enjoying the cool under the grass" is also becoming a reality. He once expressed in his speech that young people should have high aspirations and strive for their dreams. When the wind blows through the rice fields, I think of you. I miss Yuan Lao and always remember his promise: to hold the rice bowl firmly in my hand!

Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. inherits Yuan Lao's legacy and has achieved remarkable results in the application and promotion of new crop variety breeding, deep processing of agricultural products, feed addition and breeding application technology, biological enzyme preparation food, fertilizers and other agricultural health fields in recent years. At the same time, we will not forget to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Yuan Lao, build the "Tianlong Primary and Secondary School Labor Education Base", "Tianjin Popular Science Education Base" and other popular science education themed "Yuan Longping's dream of enjoying the cool under the grass" and "a seed sees the world" in primary and secondary schools under the strong support of governments at all levels in Tianjin City and Binhai, and guide students in labor education practices such as rice cultivation and harvesting in Tianlong Rice Breeding Research Base, Lead students to experience the greatness of Academician Longping.

Tianlong Agriculture will remember Academician Yuan Longping's eight character secret of "knowledge, sweat, inspiration and opportunity", learn and inherit the spirit of Mr. Yuan, take "innovation to lead the new future of biological industry, craftsman boutique service to the healthy Chinese dream" as the vision, guard the core of seed industry, take "developing scientific and technological innovation, creating ecological agriculture, guiding industrial upgrading, helping national health" as the mission, and deeply cultivate the field of agricultural science and technology, I believe that under the guidance of Yuan Lao's spirit, China's agriculture will develop better and better.

The wind blows through the rice fields, and we miss you very much......