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Secretary Lian Maojun of Binhai visited our company for investigation

On the morning of May 11, 2022, Lian Maojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Binhai District Party Committee, came to our company for research. Bao Wanjun, chairman of the company, Yang Chunlian, secretary of the Party branch, and others reported on this.

Secretary Lian Maojun first visited the engineering technology center of our company's biological health industry, and the chairman Bao Wanjun reported in detail our company's development history, industrial system and the company's role in the "the Belt and Road" and "national choke project strategic system".

Subsequently, Secretary Lian Maojun and his delegation went to our company's Party Building Activity Center to have a detailed understanding of the company's Party building situation, and gave high praise and affirmation to the "Five Grain Work Law" of the company's Party building and the daily work of the branch.

After the investigation, Secretary Lian and his team visited our company's conference center and held an on-site symposium on party building work in non-public enterprises. At the meeting, relevant enterprises reported on the main work of their branches. Secretary Yang Chunlian of our company conducted relevant reports on behalf of the Party branch.

On the occasion of the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Secretary Lian Maojun visited our company for research and guidance. All party members and employees of our company fully felt the care and warmth of the party, and also greatly encouraged and excited the work enthusiasm and enthusiasm of all employees of our company. All employees of Tianlong Company will surely overcome difficulties and achieve greater success. The Tianlong Party Branch will also deeply review the important instructions of Secretary Lian Maojun, continuously develop and strengthen the Tianlong Party Branch, and more fully play the role of grassroots Party Branches as battle fortresses. Welcoming the grand event, forging loyalty, strong responsibility, and entrepreneurial achievements, all Tianlong people will unite and work together to build a beautiful waterfront city and celebrate the victory of the 20th National Congress. They will fulfill their duties and contribute to their respective positions!