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Grain rain generates all things - follow the solar terms to labor

During the Qingming Festival, I was busy planting wheat, and during the rain, I was busy planting fields. On April 20th, it was the "Grain Rain" in the 24 solar terms, which also meant that spring was about to end and summer was about to arrive. Gu Yu used his name to indicate the arrival of the planting season. The renovation work of Tianlong Company's 12th Street Science Popularization Base has been basically completed. Spring sowing is currently imminent. In order to ensure that the base is put into use as scheduled and all scientific research work is carried out as planned, under the leadership of Secretary Yang Chunlian, all employees of Tianlong Company went to the 12th Street Science Popularization Base on the afternoon of the 20th to participate in the surprise renovation of the experimental field, The main task of this labor is to clean the anti-seepage film and bricks and tiles in the field.

With the warm and genial sunshine, we put on colorful Sun hat, put on sunscreen clothes, crossed the ridge, and came to the paddy field. Under the command of the secretary, everyone lined up and began a "carpet like" search, and in about half an hour, the cereal experimental field was cleaned up. Subsequently, under the leadership of Vice President Bao, we began to clean up the cauliflower and leafy vegetable experimental fields. Although the weather was quite hot in the afternoon, the comprehensive management department brought everyone a refreshing breeze, not only preparing room temperature mineral water but also bringing iced drinks. In my spare time, as I watched everyone sweat profusely and feel exhausted, I couldn't help but feel that the working people are truly great. Year after year, they work silently to earn a bountiful harvest of food in the golden autumn. Labor may be bitter, but labor is the most glorious!

Through this field work, Tianlong Company has enhanced communication and a sense of corporate integration among employees, enhanced team cohesion and teamwork spirit. In the future, we will work together in harmony, sharing joys and sorrows, caring for and understanding each other. At the same time, timely physical labor can also enable everyone to combine work and rest, effectively alleviate work pressure, and give all employees a broader sense of identification and belonging to the company.