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China–Pakistan Economic Corridor - Tianjin Tianlong cauliflower enters Pakistan

Based on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan and the policy background of bilateral agricultural cooperation, the relevant news of the joint interview program "Tianjin Tianlong Cauliflower Entering Pakistan" organized by China Economic Network and Pakistan's agricultural department was reported on March 15th on Pakistan's national GEO television station and broadcasted in the special section of "China Pakistan Agriculture and Industrial Cooperation" on China Economic Network.

The report pointed out that the leaders of China and Pakistan have reached a consensus to strengthen cooperation in the field of agricultural modernization. The Chinese side has stated that it will provide support for Pakistan's agricultural infrastructure construction. China welcomes high-quality agricultural products from Pakistan to enter the Chinese market.

The report also pointed out that Tianlong Zaitian Company's targeted selection of cauliflower varieties based on the needs of the Pakistani market and environmental requirements has more advantages compared to countries such as the United States and Japan.

Sui Liying, Executive Deputy General Manager of Tianlong Zaitian Company, said in the report that in the future, it will establish a research base for cooperation with Pakistan, and is committed to screening other vegetable varieties such as cauliflower and cucumber suitable for the local market for the Pakistani market, so as to contribute to the construction of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor.