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Tianlong Zaitian

Enterprise introduction

Tianjin Tianlong Zaitian Science And Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianlong company") was established in 2014. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the breeding and industrialization of new crop varieties, and has a complete breeding, breeding, seed production and industrial promotion system. The company has a number of national, provincial and ministerial level industrial innovation and development platforms, set up academician and expert workstation, postdoctoral workstation, and has an innovative talent team integrating technology research and development, production management and market development. At present, the company has 3 specially appointed academicians, 4 State Council special paste experts, 1 Wanqian plan candidate, 2 Tianjin 131 talents, 11 postdoctors, 9 doctors and 14 masters. The company is the Key Laboratory of Japonica Hybrid Rice Genetics and breeding of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and the supporting unit of the export innovation base of science and technology of the Ministry of Commerce. In 2015, it was identified as Tianjin International Science and technology cooperation base, in 2017, it was rated as one of the top 100 agricultural foreign cooperation enterprises by the National Seed Industry Association, and in 2019, it was identified as the first batch of "overseas demonstration farms" by Tianjin Agricultural and Rural Committee.

Over the years, Tianlong company always takes "every seed is our responsibility and commitment" as its mission, and is committed to breeding and technological innovation of new crop varieties, striving to develop new crop varieties with high market recognition, and tackling the "neck" and "core" technology of seed industry. Based on the theory of crop breeding, crop cultivation and modern molecular breeding, the company continuously strengthens the research of molecular breeding and cell engineering breeding, and uses breeding information management and data analysis system to replace a large number of field experiments with computers to speed up the breeding process.

With the support of all levels of government of Tianjin, Tianlong has successively established Asian agricultural technology center in Indonesia, Vietnam Yuelong joint venture company and Taras kongtennong Group Co., Ltd. in France. With one belt, one road initiative, Tianjin Tianlong company has expanded its external exchanges and cooperation. Under the guidance and support of leaders at all levels, the company will have a joint venture in France, Indonesia and Vietnam to build a public service platform, and build a bridgehead and a "stronghold" for agricultural external cooperation. In order to accelerate the construction of the carrier of Beijing Tianjin Hebei foreign cooperation, we will play a bridge role.

Tianlong company has actively cooperated with domestic scientific research institutions and established strategic cooperative relations to help build international agricultural cooperation and transform China's advantageous agricultural scientific and technological achievements into international markets. It has cooperated with China Rice Institute, Sichuan Rice Institute, vegetable institute of Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, vegetable and flower Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangnan University Tianjin University of science and technology and other scientific research institutes have established cooperative relations of production, teaching and research“ Science and technology enterprises should cooperate with each other to go out to sea, complement each other's advantages, avoid overseas risks and compete with overseas multinational agricultural enterprises. Meanwhile, Tianlong one belt, one road, and other enterprises and research institutes in Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and France.

Corporate culture

Our vision: Science and technology leading the future of seed industry, integrity service green agriculture

Our mission: every seed is our responsibility and commitment

Our values: Tianlong in the field vegetable seeds, grain selection pregnant true feelings

Development planning

Combination of planting and grain: Take Tianjin as the headquarters base, radiate northeast, Huanghuai and southwest three major rice producing areas. Horizontally, there are test and production bases in Northeast, Huanghuai and southwest of China; Vertically, we will unite rice processing and grain storage enterprises, and implement the combination of planting and grain for the northeast and Huanghuai granaries, so as to promote the linkage development of planting and grain.

Combination of domestic and foreign trade: through overseas joint ventures controlled by the Chinese side to export seeds or technologies in Southeast Asia and Europe, and establish seed and grain production bases abroad, the combination of domestic and foreign trade can promote the food security of neighboring countries and effectively guarantee China's food security.

Pay equal attention to going out and bringing in to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

Going out: relying on three overseas joint ventures controlled by China, namely France, Vietnam and Indonesia, Tianlong company uses domestic advanced hybrid rice breeding technology and foreign local excellent germplasm resources to breed new varieties with high quality, high yield and high resistance, which are suitable for the local area, and registers them abroad Indonesia is the center one that radiated the one belt, one road in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Tianlong company undertakes the construction task of modern agricultural international technology transfer center in the project of Binhai New Area agricultural foreign development cooperation experimental zone, including: International Technology Transfer Center, international cooperation test base, overseas demonstration and promotion base, etc. Tianlong company will take the construction of modern agricultural international technology transfer center as the platform for achievement transformation, screen and collect the domestic and foreign famous and excellent rice and vegetable varieties resources for experimental analysis and quality appraisal, adhere to the construction ideas of directional selection, directional introduction and directional output, introduce foreign superior technical resources and broaden the channels of agricultural foreign cooperation, We will lead more domestic agricultural research institutes and enterprises to go abroad, realize the transformation and export of our country's superior agricultural technology and famous and excellent new varieties to foreign countries, improve the reputation and international competitiveness of Tianjin enterprises, and further enhance our international status.

With France Tianlong as the link, the demonstration and promotion of China's dominant vegetable varieties (such as cauliflower, cucumber and green stem vegetables from Tianjin, cabbage from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, pepper from Hunan Xiangyan) to Central Asia, Eastern Europe and other wider international markets will establish the international influence of Tianjin brand, show the overall strength of Tianjin agricultural high-tech enterprises, and work hand in hand for common development Be bigger and stronger.

Introduction: through overseas joint ventures, "global hybrid rice development alliance" and "global temperate rice cooperation network" and other international cooperation platforms, Tianlong company carried out breeding research and development and seed trade cooperation, and introduced a number of high-quality materials with high quality, strong resistance, high yield, salt and alkali tolerance, fertilizer tolerance and lodging resistance, which greatly enriched China's breeding resources.

Through the French Talas kongtianlong Group Co., Ltd., Tianlong company introduced organic planting technology system and organic products, including biological pesticide, biological fertilizer and soil improvement and protection technology, and introduced them to Tianjin and promoted them to the whole country.

Tianlong company takes "science and technology leading the future of seed industry, honest service for green agriculture" as its vision, takes "every seed is our responsibility and commitment" as its mission, and takes "Tianlong in the field of vegetable seeds, seed selection pregnant true feelings" as its value. In response to the national strategy, it is gradually forming a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other.