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Papers published in 2007

[1] Jing Yanhui, Xie Hui, Dongli, Gu Shouxian, Deng Huafeng The Effect of Field Configuration on Seed Production Yield of Hybrid Japonica 3 You 18 [J] Northern Rice, 2007 (5): 29-31

[2] Xie Hui, Jing Yanhui, Zeng Qiang, Zhao Fei, Dong Li, Deng Huafeng The necessity and trend of the development of hybrid japonica rice in China [J] Northern Rice, 2007 (3): 10-13

[3] Chen Wenxue, Li Cundong, Sun Hongchun, et al The distribution characteristics of 14C assimilates in the "boll leaf system" of cotton genotypes with different boll weights during flowering period [J] Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers 2007,13 (4): 714-718

[4] Dongli, Deng Huafeng The 4th China Hybrid Japonica Rice Technology Innovation Forum was held in Changshu, Jiangsu [J] Hybrid rice, 2007,, 22 (6):: 73