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Papers published in 2006

[1] Xie Hui, Fan Guizhi, Jing Yanhui, et al Research progress on the photosynthetic adaptation mechanism of plants to increased atmospheric CO2 concentration [J] China Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 2006, 8 (3): 29-34

[2] Xie Hui, Deng Huafeng, et al The 3rd China Hybrid Japonica Rice Technology Innovation Forum was held in Shenyang Hybrid rice, 2006, 21 (6): 26

[3] Xie Hui, Jing Yanhui, Dongli, et al The Effect of Fertilization Level on Rice Yield and Quality [J] Agricultural science, 2006,12 (4): 52-54

[4] Dongli, Su Shaokun, Xie Hui, et al. Construction of Plant Expression Vectors for Rip, chi, and DREBIA Polyvalent Genes [J] 2006,7:257-26

[5] Deng Huafeng, He, Qiang, Mao Youchun, Xu Qingguo, Comfortable, Zhang Wuhan, Yang Fei, Yuan Longping Study on the Performance and Combining Ability of Quality Traits of Hybrid Early Rice in the Yangtze River Basin [J] Journal of Crops, 2006,32 (5): 633-639

[6] Deng Huafeng, He Qiang, Comfortable, Zhang Wuhan, Yang Fei, Jing Yanhui, Dongli, Xie Hui Research Status and Countermeasures of Japonica Hybrid Rice in China [J]. Hybrid rice, 2006,21 (1): 1-6